Alright folks, let`s spill some history…

Forvert is, has been and always will be the result of first hand experiences ­ be it in the skate and surf section of things, be it in music, graphics, art, literature and community work. We do what we preach onto you ourselves – and following this concept, the way our clothes are designed, manufactured and served are a direct approach towards our own needs and ideals.

Born in 1998 in “The Belgium-Borough”, Colognes No.1 district for trained style services, the label works as an open pleasure unit, combining the strict functional rules of the boardriders international with a relaxed and highly fashionable streetwear look.

Speaking of rules ­ there really ain`t any except not to follow the masses and not to take shit from no one. So what can you expect from us? All and nothing but true characters, a detailed look in our minds and souls (and the ones of our friends and collaborators) and a lesson in constant change with a strong and unique handwriting.

Other than that, it`s up to you to dig and to discover. We`ll be around the corner waiting for you… just read the signs.
That`s the what&why! Now: The how!

Along the line of purity, taste and uniqueness all of our styles are completely handnumbered by stamp, print or flag and therefore our personal reference to the Anti in massconsumption and 1984-styled ignorance equality.

Thus said and done without overtuning any boring fashion-victim tendencies, but with a finger-snapping awareness of the definition of cool. Hildegard Knef meets The Clash-sampling technics being put into clothes so to speak…

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