686 Apparel

On November 13, 1992, the 686 technical apparel company was formed. The 686 name comes from a crucial date in the life of Mike’s grandmother (June 6th, 1986) and adds up to the age of when he started the company (6+8+6). Since the beginning, 686 has been about providing innovative, fashionable outerwear and technical apparel inspired from the same Los Angeles street culture and mountain lifestyle it was founded upon. Products like the trademarked Smarty® line of removable liners, the trademarked Times® line of limited edition co-branded products, the trademarked Plexus® line of minimalist shell technology, the patented Toolbelt® line of functional belts, technical fabrications, exclusive Infidry® waterproof innovations and support of the DIY ethos all make up the 686 name. Being INDEPENDENTLY rider owned and operated and an obsession to make products progressively unique is what 686 is all about. Enjoy.

For more information, visit 686.com